Swedish Massage Therapy is what most people bring to mind when they think about Massage Therapy. All Massage Therapists working in Ontario are initially trained in Swedish Massage techniques during their schooling.

What to expect

A lotion, oil or cream will be used to provide techniques with slide, glide or drag. 

The amount of pressure used during the treatment is adjusted to suit your preference or condition and is applied using the hands, fingers, forearms and elbows. Except for the area being treated you will be covered with a sheet and blanket.

benefits of swedish massage

  • may help alleviate the physical symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • decrease muscle and joint pain
  • improve joint mobility
  • relaxation massage may result in improved sleep
  • homecare and home exercise programs can reduce the number of visits required
  • specific treatments for a variety of concerns such as: rotator cuff injuries, low back pain, sciatic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis and golfer's elbow.
  • appointment can include suggestions for return to sport and exercise programs


45 Minutes | $70

60 Minutes | $90

90 Minutes | $140

*all fees include HST. I have a no tipping policy. The best tip is for you to tell your friends and family about the great care you received!