Creating a massage routine with your infant is an opportunity for you to bond, learn your baby's unique cues and help ease the discomfort of common complaints such as teething, congestion and colic.

Initial Appointment | 45 minutes | $70

At this appointment we will talk about the benefits of massaging your infant and how to ask for and understand consent to massage from your baby. We can decide together which areas of the body you would like to learn to massage first. I often suggest starting with the arms and legs as this gives you the opportunity to look at at observe your baby as you massage. But you may also choose the back, tummy, chest, or face.

I provide a small sample of organic coconut oil for you to use and take home as well as digital material for you to use at home as a reminder.


Follow up appointment | 30 minutes | $55

Ready to learn some new techniques? Need to review some previously learned material? This is also an option if you would like to explore some routines related to congestion, teething, or colic.



I received my Infant Massage Teacher Training and certification through the Liddle Kidz Foundation. Liddle Kidz is the leading infant and pediatric massage organization in the world. They provide instruction, outreach and therapeutic touch therapy across the globe and have been instrumental in bringing Massage Therapy programs into many children's hospitals.


+ will you be massaging my baby ?

No. The goal is for you to use massage to bond with your infant, so I want to make sure that your baby is 100% focused on you. I will demonstrate the massage techniques on a teaching doll beside you and we will do the massage routines together. You will be able to see what I am doing and follow along and your baby will be sure to associate massage time with you!

+ is this just for moms and babies ?

Absolutely not! I encourage any and all caregivers to learn to massage. This includes dads, siblings, grangparents and even nannies. The fees I charge are per baby, not per participant. So please, feel free to include anyone that wants to learn. If taking a group class, please contact me if more than two caregivers will attend as I may have limited physical space.

+ can i claim this on my insurance ?

The short answer is, probably not. Insurance usually covers Massage Therapy provided directly to the patient by an RMT. In the case of Infant Massage Instruction I am not providing direct care, I am teaching you to massage your baby.

The longer answer is, maybe. You may have a health care spending account that allows you to determine your own spending. You may have a more progressive policy that is open to covering this. It never hurts to ask.

+ what do I need to bring ?

Yourself and your baby and anything else you would normally bring with you for an hour away from the house. If coming to the clinic I will supply the towels and blankets but if your baby has a favourite, please bring it along!

If taking a group class you will want to bring a towel or blanket for your baby as well as something comfortable to sit on.

I provide both group and private participants with organic coconut oil to use during class and to take home with them

+ Are there materials to help me learn ?

I have a variety of digital materials available. The material that relates to what was covered in class will be emailed to you after class. Digital materials allow you to access the information on your phone, tablet, or computer and can be accessed from anywhere. It also helps me keep my costs down. If you would prefer written material, please let me know and I can arrange that.

Touch comes before sight, before speech. It is the first language and the last, and it always tells the truth
— Margaret Atwood