Let's face it, you didn't get into Massage Therapy because you were excited about becoming an accountant or a business manager or a marketing expert. You got into Massage Therapy to help people.

But you also have a business to run. But wouldn't it be amazing if that business could almost run itself? Wouldn't it be amazing if you could free up some time and mental space to spend with your patients? To spend doing the thing you love?



Our Automated Finances webinar will provide you with a simple spreadsheet that will itemize and organize the treatments that you offer, the fees you charge, even the tax you have to collect. You can easily collect this information and produce an invoice that can be saved and forwarded to the person who writes the cheques!


Earnings Snapshot

Automated Finances will provide you with a single place to track your earnings. You will quickly see your running totals for the year and come tax time, this information will be in once place.


Tax saving Simplified

Stop being surprised by how much you owe come tax time. Using information you already have about your business learn how to automate your finances to get your income taxes and HST out of sight and out of mind.